Versatility is my middle name!

Ok, it’s not. It’s actually Ramsey. But I was voted Most Versatile as a senior in high school (true story).

Versatile is probably the best way to describe my approach to communications and marketing. If there’s an aspect of the wider communications field, I’ve probably done it at some point during my 25-year career.

So far, I’ve:

Studio set of Momentum television show
  • Been a writer, an editor, a graphic designer, a video editor, a corporate spokesperson and the host of a television show (see right and below for photographic proof).
  • Managed social media accounts for large Fortune 500 companies and small non-profits.
  • Worked with external vendors on projects that had five-figure budgets and managed projects when there was no budget at all.
  • Built and edited websites for a variety of organizations.
  • Written speeches for CEOs and university presidents as well as talking points that were used by executives during high-level meetings with elected officials.
  • Been quoted in media outlets across the country and interviewed by television and radio stations from around the world. You haven’t lived until you’ve done a phone interview with a Japanese television station in the middle of a raging hurricane.

I like to think that versatility has been beneficial over the years. It’s helped as I’ve managed both small teams and supervised a staff of 150 volunteers.

But that’s not all…

I once served as the color commentator for a televised college soccer game. I was absolutely terrible. The experience quickly disabused me of the notion that sports announcers have “the easiest job in the world.” My life’s quest is to destroy any and all existing copies of that game.

On the Momentum set

In addition to my various full-time gigs, I’ve done the occasional freelance project for friends and acquaintances. I’ve helped out bands, restaurants, bars, religious organizations, major sporting events and community non-profits. I also work well with others, as evidenced by the fact that former employers have asked me to do freelance/project work on several occasions.

In the meantime, you can see examples of some of my past work, both professional and freelance, by clicking the Work link at the top of each page. You can also find a PDF copy of my resume linked in the main menu as well. And feel free to visit any of my social media profiles, though – spoiler alert – my Instagram is mostly just pictures of my kids.

If you’d like to know more about me or my past work experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.